5 Ways to Save Up for a Doula

The average couple in our area spends $550 on a wedding cake. Your birth is more important than cake! Hire your doula today!

Not everyone has $400 – $1000 in their savings specifically set aside for doula services. If you value the importance of having a doula, but aren’t quite sure how you can afford one, check out these ideas below:

1. Put doula gift certificates on your baby registry. 

2. Create a “Moolah for the Doula” jar to put out at your baby shower.

3. Start saving.

When you first find out you are pregnant, you can save up for a doula by 37 weeks by putting aside $15.00 a week.

save for doula services

4. Ask about payment plans or bartering services.

Many doulas, if asked, offer payment plans or will exchange services with their clients. For example, if you are a beautician perhaps you could exchange gift certificates, or if your husband is a carpenter maybe he could make a birthing stool for the doula.

5. Check and see if your insurance provider will cover doula services.

This article from BirthSource Today explains how and which insurance companies provide reimbursement for doulas.


How are you saving up for your doula? Comment below!


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