Cruelty-Free Cloth Diaper Wipes

When I was pregnant I did my research and decided to use cloth diapers for my baby. After he was born and I got a hang of the cloth diaper regime, I wanted to take the next step… cloth diaper wipes. I figured I was already washing the pre-folds and diaper covers, so I might as well throw in wipes, too. I took some old flannel receiving blankets and cut them into squares, threw them in an empty wipes container, and poured in a wipe solution. It was really easy! I never surged the flannel scraps, so they ended up fraying, but they did their job.

I thought I’d share with you the system I currently use on my now 2-year-old son.

Cruelty-Free Cloth Diaper Wipes

Why do I recommend making your own wipes?

  • It’s cheap!

Huggies and Pampers wipes cost $0.02 a wipe, while Seventh Generation wipes cost $0.04 and The Honest Company costs up to $0.12 a wipe. If you use 10-20 wipes a day for babies and around 2-4 wipes a day for toddlers that adds up to 4,280 to 8,760 wipes during the first two years of one child’s life. That adds up to $85.60 to $1,051.20 spent on disposable wipes depending on what wipes brand you buy and how many wipes you use! Yikes! This doesn’t even include the times you use them for sticky hands or spit up!

Buying all the ingredients mentioned below to make your own cloth wipes will cost less than $83.50. That’s just a penny per wipe!

  • It’s better for the environment

Disposable cloth wipes sit in landfills, along with their packaging, as they are made up of polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester. They are also chemical-laden and contain mild detergents mixed with moisturizing agents, fragrance, and preservatives.

  • You’re not supporting companies who do animal testing (if you use cruelty-free products)

Proctor and Gamble (parent company of Pampers) and Kimberly-Clark (owners of Huggies) both test their products on animals. In what ways? Here’s one: “Animals are forced to ingest the ingredients used in diapers along with having them tested against their skin to detect allergic reactions” (

Cruelty-Free Cloth Diaper Wipes

What do you need?

Mix the liquids together and store in a small glass jar (mason jars or recycled jars work great for this). I keep around 6 wipes moistened in a travel wipes container for my 2-year-old, though if I had a newborn I’d probably store 20 moistened ones in a glass container.

What do I do when they’re dirty?

I store the dirty wipes in a wet bag and then throw them in the wash with the cloth diapers. I’ll soon be sharing my cruelty-free laundry detergent recipe!

What about if we travel somewhere?

If we take a day trip or overnight somewhere, I just take the wet bag along to toss them in. When traveling by plane or when my son is in the church nursery, then I like to use Seventh Generation wipes (a cruelty-free company)

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Do you use cloth wipes? Are you up for trying?

Comment below, or contact Lauren today for a Cloth Diaper Consultation.


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