Midwifery Assistant in the East Bay

I’m excited to now offer services as a Trained Birth Assistant in the East Bay Area!

What does a Birth Assistant (or Midwife Assistant) do? My main role is to assist the primary midwife and make her job easier so she can take better care of you, her client! I help set up for the birth, whether that is preparing supplies and the birth kit or setting the birthing pool.

Many times I’ll enter into a doula role and provide support to the mom and dad.

One of my main responsibilities is to help the midwife with charting throughout the labor and delivery. This includes what time the water breaks or when the head is crowning, what the APGAR scores are at 1-minute and 5-minutes, fetal heart tones, when the mom changes positions or eats or drinks. I also chart if the mom has any bleeding or receives medication.

Along with charting, my job as a Midwife Assistant also includes checking the mom and baby’s vital signs.


During the recovery period after the baby is delivered, I can help mom with breastfeeding, assist the midwife with delivering the placenta or massaging the uterus, take down the birth pool, change the sheets and start a load of laundry, continue taking vital signs, and more.

I’m so excited to officially begin this role, and would love to be a part of your birth team!



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