Services and Prices

Our hope is that every woman who wants a doula can have one. Payment plans are certainly an option. Discounts are available to single moms, expectant teens, homeless moms, inmates, missionaries or families in ministry, and army wives whose husbands are deployed. Please contact us for information on applying for these discounts! If you would like to donate towards these discounts, please contact us!

PREGNANCY PLANNING SESSIONS ($50 per visit; 90 min):
These are hourly sessions where we can assist you with various pregnancy planning services including birth plans, postpartum plans, C-section preparation, hospital birth preparation, or simple informational sessions where you can ask any questions you may have (how to manage pain in labor, infant feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapers, and more).

Includes complimentary introductory meeting, 2 prenatal visits, 24 hour on-call service and unlimited email support after 37 weeks, full labor support, continued support 1-3 hours post-birth, breastfeeding support, and 1 postpartum visit.

For those who are 37 weeks + and decided last minute to hire a doula, even if you are already at the hospital! Includes phone interview, full labor support, continued support 1-2 hours post-birth and breastfeeding support. No prenatal or postpartum visits. Contact us for availability.

POSTPARTUM VISITS ($50 per visit; 90 min.):
We are available as a parent resource and to offer support in all aspect of your newborn’s care after your baby is born. This includes, but is not limited to, caring for the baby while mother naps, providing breastfeeding support, emotional support, and keeping an informed watch for postpartum depression.

MIDWIFE ASSISTANT PACKAGE ($600) ~ starting July 2015
Will consist of one consultation. 24/7 on-call service. Working closely with your caregiver.

Includes free introductory meeting, 24 hour on-call service, and USB thumb drive of edited images. Capturing moments during labor, birth, and the baby’s first moments outside the womb.

This photo session takes place within 48 hours of your baby’s birth and will last 1 – 2 hours. Session may include parents and siblings, and makes for a great first family photo.

Similar to the Fresh 48 Photography Package, this is a 45 minute mini session to capture those special first moments within 48 hours of your baby’s birth. 10 – 15 edited photos to introduce your newborn with your family and friends!

Includes everything in the Birth Doula Package plus Birth Photography. Your choice on if you want Lauren to focus on doula support or birth photography at certain times throughout your labor and birth.

CLOTH DIAPER COUNSELING ($50 per visit; 90 min):
One meeting plus email support to provide information about the different kinds of cloth diapers, how to care and wash them, and create a wash routine. Also help with finding the proper fit and absorbency. (I have samples of several cloth diaper brands).

This package is great for those who want a fun way to remember their baby bump! You can hang the belly cast in the nursery, use as a decoration at a baby shower, or simply have as a keepsake.

For those who are experiencing or expecting a pregnancy or infant loss, Lauren is offering complimentary bereavement care and support that applies to your situation. This may be through birth support, memory making, photography, and postpartum support.

*We do not offer services to clients who have chosen to medically terminate their pregnancy, though we do provide postpartum resources for women who have terminated their pregnancies.*

 The equipment that we have available during our contracted time:

  • Essential oils (lavender, frankincense, peppermint, clary sage, and more)
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Lending library
  • Our hands! (massage, acupressure, etc.)
  • Our words! (encouraging support, breathing, visualization, relaxation techniques)

One thought on “Services and Prices

  1. Viridiana Amaro says:

    I’m interested in your birth Photography service. my due date is June 10th and I’ll be giving birth in Alta Bates. Would you have any openings? Also how may photographs would I receive? how would I receive the photos (USB, print, etc…) do you usually meet with your clients before?


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